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As Sentio Poena has disbanded, recruiting is now permanently closed.
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Nalenthios, Nov 25, 09 5:37 PM.
Yesterday, Tuesday the 24th of November 2009, Sentio Poena disbanded.
Things were going downhill, and the officers decided just to end it quickly, rather than letting the guild suffer a slow, inevitable death.

This guild has meant incredibly much to me; more than to anyone else and more than any of you think.
I want to thank everyone who ever was a member of Sentio. I had a blast being with you guys, and I can ensure you - I am never going to regret creating Sentio Poena.

Thanks again, and good luck to you all in the future - whatever you decide to do.

NOTE: The Ventrilo server is still live, and you're free to use it for whichever purpose you want!

"Only one thing in life is certain - That you die"


New Raidforce guild: Nequam.

Nalenthios, Oct 1, 09 7:40 AM.
You may have already heard about this - either because you were present at the meeting this Wednesday - or just because you have heard it from members.
Due to various things, the general Sentio Poena guild and our raidforce are splitting up into 2 guilds. The new guild, made for the raidforce is called Nequam.
Regarding leadership of Sentio Poena: A final decision has not yet been made on this matter. This will be announced as soon as the officers have gotten it sorted.
Nequam will have a new website. You'll have to sign up on this if you're joining the guild. The address will be announced soon. Raid signups will still be handled via this website for the next few weeks.
Initially, alts will not be allowed to join Nequam. This MAY, however, change in the future

Following is a list of the people who will initially be allowed to join Nequam. Alts are obviously not listed.



If your name isn't on the list, and you think it ought to be, please contact an officer.

If you apply to become a raider, and get a trial spot you'll be allowed to join as well, however if you fail your trial, you cannot stay in Nequam.

We will start moving raiders from Sentio Poena to Nequam after Sentio's official raids this week. You are allowed to join earlier if you want to though.

Linked guilds:
Nequam & Sentio Poena are still going to be linked. Alts of the raiders are allowed to stay in SP just as if they were an alt of a current member of SP.
To replace the old guildchat, Nequam & Sentio will also have a common channel. To join it, simply type /join sentiopoena
A few reasons:

There are various reasons for this. A few will be announced here.
Firstly, administration and management of the guild & raidforce is extremely difficult and time-consuming as it is now. Lots of things don't work as well as they could - and should.
As a raidforce it's extremely important to be able to recruit new, skilled members. Because the general guild & raidforce is currently merged into one, people see us as a very, very casual raiding guild. This is not what we are; we're a raidforce and a guild that is not raiding. Two separate things. However this common belief, that we're very casual, means that it's very difficult for us to recruit skilled raiders - many don't believe we can give them what they seek; even if we actually can.
Please note that I am by saying this, not saying that "everybody who's not in the raidforce completely lacks skill". Some people don't want to raid, some don't have time to. That's fair enough; everybody can play the game as they want, and neither I nor anyone else minds that some of our members don't raid. However it isn't optimal for our raidforce, and this is one of the issues this is going to solve.

Following is a few words, Quox wanted to say on the matter:
Over the previous 6 months, Sentio Poena has grown immeasurably, we have gone from being a small social guild, who does some raiding for a small percentage of it’s members to a fully fledged 10 man raidforce on Earthen Ring. With size and success comes complexity, and we are no exception to this rule. We are now at the stage where we have a large number of officers who are involved in raiding management and a comparatively small number who are exclusively for guild management.

The website has allowed us to solve various organisational challenges for raiding with a strong signup system, forums and news on it. However, it still does not address certain core challenges for the management team of the guild.

Specifically, we have the following issues:


The guild bank needs for people who are levelling characters and playing non-raider level 80 ‘s are very different from those who are doing a high level of raid content. The needs of these raid content players outstrips what is economically viable in a single guild. In that a raider bank should be very well equipped with items for raid content


We have felt for a long while that applications to join the raidforce are not well handled by guildportal and when people are members, it can be difficult to make certain notes about their raid status.

This also extends to trialists and the process they are assessed via.

We have therefore decided that to solve this, we will separate the raidforce out further into a new guild, which will be linked to Sentio Poena via it’s leadership and will be linked via the websites.

We have decided to create this new raider only guild under the name ‘Nequam’, it’s leadership structure and exact nature will be defined over the next few weeks, however we are confident that this plan will give everybody what they want out of a WoW guild.

Iron Council medium, Thorim hard & Freya+1 down!

Nalenthios, Sep 27, 09 4:10 AM.
Started off tonight's raid by going directly to Iron Council, believing we'd have to spend the most of the night on the medium mode. Clearly we were wrong. One attempt was what it took, before the council went down. Can't be called a safe kill, but yet it was a kill - and not only that, it was a oneshot.

IC Medium

After this we went to Kologarn, got the "With Open Arms (10 player)" achievement (No tanks, no healers alive when he went down. Just 4 dps!) and then killed Freya (Once again, half the raid was dead when she went down).
We then continued to Thorim, which was the new main gold for the raid. He has a quite difficult hardmode, and we were really keen to get him down, seeing we also needed to do this encounter in order to gain access to Algalon.
It took surprisingly few tries, and after not too long Thorim had lost his illusion!
Thorim Hard
After Thorim went down, we went to Freya and killed her with 1 of her keepers up (medium mode) in 2 tries.
Awesome raid, good job everybody who participated in it; and also good job to the raiders that didn't, because it's due to you we have managed to get this far.

Flame Leviathan + 3 & Deconstructor Hardmode down!

Nalenthios, Sep 26, 09 11:44 AM.
We started off tonight's raid by trying Flame Leviathan with 3 towers. Had some really promising tries and after about 90 minutes, he went down in one of the safest kills we've ever had.
After this succes we moved on to Deconstructor, with the goal of trying his hardmode.
We got him to 50% in the first try, 14 in the second. We then had some extremely close wipes (Even got him to 70k hp in one of the tries!) before we at about 22:40 managed to get him down, in another extremely safe kill. 1 death as far as I remember.

Great job everybody who participated in this raid! We managed to get 2 new, and important hardmodes down that we had never tried before. Now, on to the others!

Onyxia Down

Quoxtos, Sep 24, 09 12:49 PM.
Unofficial run last night produced results, with our first guild only Onyxia kill.
Unfortunately, we were a bit keen to skin the dragon body so it's not in the shot.

However, you'll notice that the chamber is devoid of dragons!
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